10,000 Androids programmed for only one purpose, demolition!


Demodroids are a NFT collection of androids originally programmed to help with the quick, efficient, and safe demolition of decrepit structures. Unfortunately for humanity, a glitch in their circuitry caused some bots to display ​degenerate behavior. By the time anyone realized this defect, it was too late! Now 10,000 faulty droids have been unleashed onto IC only to continue their streak of terror!


  • Stage #1: Pre-Launch

    - Release website and discord to the public.

    - Form partnerships with existing and upcoming projects.

    - Host community contests and game nights at a regular interval.

    - Begin building the base for the Junkyard.

  • Stage #2: Launch and Post-Launch

    - Launch in two phases (OG's and then Public release)

    - Release on as many secondary markets as possible.

    - Expansion of the team.

    - Continue community events and the Junkyard's development.

  • Stage #3: Social Gaming Metaverse

    - The eventual public release of the Junkyard

    - Onboarding partnered projects into the Junkyard.

    - The continual addition of functionally to and expansion of the Junkyard.


What is "The Junkyard"?

A NFT gated social area for Demodroid holders and associated projects. More details to come.

Will you create other NFTs?

We do plan to launch other NFTs but they will be related to the world of Demodroids. There will never be more than 10,000 Demodroids (So you don't have to worry about us creating a new collection of 10,000 Generation 2 Demodroids).